Friday, December 12, 2008

Who I can't wait to see @ Crafty Wonderland

So by now everyone knows that Crafty Wonderland is the "can't miss" show of the holiday season. I mean 180 vendors, all unique, all so talented. I mean I can't wait to tell my friends and family as they open there gifts "and that was made by "so and so" and they hand "paint, etch, assemble, mold, add and sew" that!" So when I settle in at the huge Crafty Wonderland sale here is who I can't wait to check out:
5pmstudioI am a sucker for birds. Her pottery is so beautiful and original.
AllegraB I already have a pin up biker girl bag from her that doubles as a diaper bag. But why stop there, right?!
Bossanova BabyI really want to get my hands on a scissor patch for a black hoodie I have. Ya, it's for myself, but Santa says I've been a good girl this year.
Bread and Badger This is her year. Her mustache pints are going to 4 family members.
Burdyflyaway makes hand printed, hand sewn, hand dyed Tees for kids and mammas alike.
Leah GlassBright beautiful mobiles that I love.
LeakartsShe is one of my favorite artists. I must have some of her new stickers and of corse coloring books with her original art.
Lolly totsMy booth mate and one of my favorite people Mary makes incredible tees, buttons, magnets and so much more with her original art.
MonsierTI really want the "Let's F* Sh* up tee for my hubby.
PDX soft GoodsMy 16 year old brother in law would love a "foxy Lady" can cozie.
Phoebe OwensMakes incredible one of a kind lamp shades from vintage picture slides.
Ruby Girl I love her snowflake pendants.
Salmon Street Studios I can't wait for a pregnant friend so I can buy a "don't touch" porcupine maternity tee. And there incredibly talented and now famous daughter Zoe who will be show casing her art in her parents booth.
Sew Many Cats Who doesn't need a Ninja Kitty?!
Thinking MamaOh how I wish I had an infant to put in the brown deer cashmere hat.
Zeldaloo makes the most amazing plush ladies. I am in luv!

Well that's just the tip of the iceberg folks. I can't wait to see every single artist at this event, but those are the ones I just had to share. See you at the Oregon Convention Center on Sunday.


phoebe said...

good list! thanks for thinkin' of me!

can't wait to see you there! weather be damned

LeaKarts said...

Aw, thank you!!! I can't wait to see you either--it's going to rock!

Amanda said...

I'm so excited! I'm psyched to see everyone, and maybe get some shopping done of my own, for once. Can't wait to rock it with you ladies. :)



Wow I really like the care bear shirt from Monsieur T. lol