Friday, December 19, 2008

PSU show has been canceled

Cohen is really sad about the PSU show being canceled.
Well the weather this last week, and the weather still to come has thrown us all for a loop. Due to the icy and snowy forecast the Winter Solstice show at the PSU Ballroom has been canceled. I have mixed feelings. I would have had a great time and been able to finish up all my Christmas shopping had the show gone on anyway, but I do really dislike driving on icy roads, so I guess I'll accept it as a wash. Sorry to any dye hard shoppers that were set on coming out to see us. I wont be doing any more shows until February. Should you want to get some candles you know were to find me, and I am happy to let you do a local pick up either from my home or my office in Lake Oswego.

Autumn Comfort Candles
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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