Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Sweet Rose

We lost our sweet wonderful dog, Rose this week. She started to take a turn for the worse late last week and by Tuesday we knew it was time. I couldn't tell anyone because I just haven't been able to talk about it with out getting emotional and I just wasn't ready. Aaron has taken it very hard. And although we didn't go into detail with Cohen (Wyatt hasn't seemed to notice) Even telling him that she would be going to the vet and wouldn't come back was very tough for him also. We have had a lot of tears this week, but we are much better. It's the strangest feeling to not have her here. I still think "Oh I need to feed Rose" or "let Rose in". She will be dearly missed. She has been part of our family for so long. We knew this time was coming, but you just can't prepare yourself for the loss. We love you Rosie!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I make it Myself and You can too!

Over here at AC I have been diligently working on a new line of natural cleaning products. I have been using a my own handmade laundry soap and all purpose cleaner for a while now (about a year) and they work great! They work just as good as any product you can buy at Target or Fred Meyer only they are better. They are better because they are made from naturally derived ingredients that are better for the environment and better for your family. The thing is I am one of "those" people. I am someone who looks at an item in the store and says "Hey, I could totally make that myself." and then I go home and after much trial and error and a lot of Google usage I figure it out. I have always been a DIY girl. I taught myself to sew, embroider, make soap, play piano (ok, I had a teacher for that one) tile a counter, cook, garden, draw (not well) repair thing on our home, and write because that is just how I roll. It's what make me happy. I find that learning how to do something for myself is my favorite hobby.

This got me thinking that there are really only are 2 kinds of people in the world: The maker and the admirer of the maker. Now there are many varying degrees of personality with in those two categories, and a maker can and still is someone who can admire other makers work. There are about a million things I have never made, and maybe about half of which I would love to have, but have no interest or ability to create myself. In those cases I find myself seeking out and purchasing the item I so love, but wont make myself.

So here is my plan. I am starting to list my handmade cleaning products in my Etsy shop, and I hope a million people (OK, maybe like 100,00) buy them, love them and come back for more. But for those of you who think "Hey, I could make that" I am going to list some of my recipes here on my blog. I actually shared a recipe for Laundry soap about a year ago. Now I am not the best blogger, and the recipes are just what has worked for me so be patient and I'll get em all up eventually.

The first recipe I will put up today is for Laundry Soap (I have been improving apon it for a year so I figure I'll update it from a year ago.

One box of Washing Soda (not making soda and some places refer to it as soda ash so keep your eyes out) This is the toughest ingredient to find but most Freddy's stores have it.
One box Borax (Stick to the 20 Mules brand. They don't add extra stuff to it like fragrances or other unnatural chemicals)

1 cup baking soda

1 cup of Oxygen Cleaner (make sure to buy the Clear and Free one because it just the basic stuff too. More natural.

2 to 3 bars of cold processed Castile soap. The best would be to visit Etsy and buy some from your favorite soap maker. My favorite is Green Springs Body Works but she makes it special just for me. Another option (a way less cool one and not quite as good) is to find a bar at the grocery store. Kirks makes a fragrance free, but most stores carry the original which has synthetic fragrance in it.

Optional - Your favorite essential oil. Now the amount here is really up to personal preference. I recommended starting with a tablespoon, mixing, and see what you think from there.

Now grate all your bar soap and add all the dry ingredients. Mix and then add your essential oil should you want it. This soap is extremely gentle. It better then any baby laundry soap and your cloths will feel so soft you will wish you had been using it your whole life. (well that's how I feel.)

Have fun and if making laundry soap just isn't your thing check out Autumn Comfort for some yummy smelling options.