Friday, August 29, 2008

How I love Last Thursday

Last night may have been(lets hope not) the last Last Thursday of the year in which the weather was warm, and it stayed light out until 9ish. It seemed to me to be by far the busiest one of the summer. I arrived around 4:30 thinking setting up would be a breeze that early, but it turned out a bit more complicated then I thought. I parked on 16th, and set up on 20th. Have I mentioned my candles are really heavy. Anyway I promptly locked my keys in my car. Good thing I have AAA. I set up across from a lady named Monica. She had a coolest blue tights and was selling these great little stuffed creatures called Moctipye or secret keepers. They are lovely little plushes made from reclaimed fabric with 2 different sized button eyes and no mouth so you can tell them your secrets and and they can tell anyone. I knew my oldest son would think this was the greatest idea ever created. He loves to both tell and receive secrets. At the end of the night Monica and I made an excellent exchange. Cohen has not put his down all day.

As the evening progressed we had a great group of drummers set up about half way down the block from us. There is something about just a bunch of different drums that really gets people dancing in the street. I did pretty well, got rid of nearly all my paraffin pillars and votives, and had a ton of fun. Thanks Mary for being such a great partner in crime.

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Mary Kelly said...

no problem! I had a blast and always have fun when partnering with you. :)

did these guys hear any secrets yet?