Friday, September 26, 2008

A little fun turns in to a big mess

They look sweet and innocent enough don't they. Let me share a story with you. It's long so if you don't have time just skip to the bottom.

So I have been working sort of feverishly on a bunch of business related things lately. I had to complete all my samples and check off all other awesome contributors to insure there samples were mailed (they did this on there own. I'm just trying to sound busier then I was.)( I had to mail samples for the sag bags and 2 big candles as door prizes for tomorrows Portland Craft Mafia kick off show. Business has been picking up on line, and I have been applying for and doing every show I come across. Cohen started school this month, and I keep hurting my ever sensitive back which makes me pretty much worthless.
I have been working on become more organized, which means I have been scheduling specific things to accomplish each day. Yesterday I cut and sanded a ton of bottles, I painted and made a bunch of wine bottle candles for orders and for tomorrow nights show. I packaged all my fall flavored votives and new pumpkin and leaf candles so I have those for tomorrow as well. I cut a bunch of business cards and made more tea lights to give out tomorrow. I am sooooo prepared. I want this show to be a huge success for me and everyone vending it.
So anyway when I tend to accomplish a lot with my little business I also tend to ignore my house and kids. At this point my house looks like someone should take a match to it. And the boys, well, let's just say they kept busy while mom made candles. I recently received a HUGE shipment of frosted glass jars and as anyone who has received breakables in the mail will tell you, you get a lot of packing peanuts. One of the boxes arrived with the side broken open so there were already peanuts all over the garage floor. I had opened a couple other boxes to take out the smaller boxes inside. The boys decided sitting inside these boxes was a blast and as long as they are not bugging me while I get some work done then who am I to judge right!?
In my maybe 10 to 15 minutes of distraction this is what took place.

And the attempted clean up.....

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rose said...


This reminds me how much super energetic young boys can get into big trouble very quickly!
Thanks for sharing!