Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New items I am adding for a Greener Business

So it's really important to me to do everything with this little business of mine as green as I can. I few months back I decided to start hand cutting recycled glass wine and some beer bottles. I have been working like crazy to come up with something that was still really pretty, but a bit more green. I have been testing and burning like crazy so I can be ready by fall with alot of great new upcycled items. Here is what I have been working on:

I added the first one to my etsy shop today. They require a lot more work then buying glass bottles, but I feel like it's worth it and hopefully others will too.


kat said...

I love the up-cycled glass containers... they are really, really cool... I love the green and blue with the silver lining... lookin good.

Brisil Bath and Body said...

Yea I love the up cycled glass! So do you cut it? whats the special tool? or tools? they look aweome! good job!

Brisil Bath and Body said...

oops, I meant Awesome :) I accidentaly made a typo!

autumncomfort said...

I do cut them myself. Right now I have a small hand cutter, but I am going to get a tile saw and that should make it faster and more efficient.